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VandyThePink has returned to ComplexCon, a festival/exhibition, bringing together diverse aspects of pop culture and fashion into a real-life experience, for the third year. This time customers got to experience the Vandy Zen Garden.The booth was designed with bonsai trees, rocks, stones, grass, lanterns, and wood pieces giving it an ultimate feeling of a Zen Garden. 

At the event, VandyThePink released four exclusive ComplexCon tshirts along with special items with brands such as

Thug Club, Who Jung Woo, Rokstar Chicken, and Doraemon. Moreover, customers who were the first 200 people in line received an exclusive black ComplexCon patent tote bag. 

There were many special guest that visited the Vandy Zen Garden including, HitBoy, Hyuna, GroovyRoom, Thuy, Qias Omar, Yool Wxnder, Reddy, Bankrol Hayden, Ugly Duck, Jeff Staples, Bobby Hundreds, and James Fauntleroy. 

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