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“The concise [VANDYTHEPINK] x PANGAIA capsule collection features the 365 Hoodie, 365 Track Pants and T-shirt. Each style is designed with raising awareness for the protection of trees. VANDY built on PANGAIA’s material philosophy of high-tech naturalism with his signature graphic sensibility. PANGAIA’s signature text block has also been replaced with a message that reads, ‘Trees act as the lungs of our planet. We must plant, protect, and restore them. Nurture, embrace, and bloom together with the Earth.’

‘PANGAIA’s messaging and sustainable technology, so it was meaningful and special for us to incorporate our brand values and art into this special collection to celebrate Earth Day. Seeing a brand dedicate itself to improving thethe environment has allowed us to learn and grow throughout this experience and we hope the collaboration influences others too!,’ said VANDY.” -Nicolaus Li, Hypebeast

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