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HIPHOPPLAYA, the forefront of Hip Hop culture in South Korea, partnered with VANDYTHEPINK to craft exclusive merchandise for the HIPHOPPLAYA Festival 2024, the country's largest two-day outdoor Hip Hop music festival.

VANDYTHEPINK infused his passion for both music and fashion into the festival's merchandise lineup, which featured tees, hoodies, trucker hats, and keychains. Special editions were created specifically for VIP guests and the performing artists, adding an extra layer of exclusivity and style.

Beyond merchandise, VANDYTHEPINK's creative vision extended to the festival's food zone, where his playful and imaginative designs transformed the area into a visual delight.

The festival showcased a stellar lineup of Korean hip hop and R&B icons such as ZICO, COOGIE, pH-1, BIG NAUGHTY, and BEENZINO, among others. Notably, VANDYTHEPINK's merchandise was proudly sported by popular artists like Zion.T and Street Baby.

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