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“VANDYTHEPINK and CASETiFY have come together to serve up a scrumptious collection of tech accessories that make use of the Korean-born, Virginia-based designer’s signature fast food motifs. Offerings include Vandy’s cartoon-inspired burger and french fry graphics plus other brand logos and all-over prints displayed across CASETiFY’s Impact, Impact Crush and Mirror cases — both of which have been made for the iPhone as well as select Samsung phones. Besides the playful cases, the collection also consists of AirPods cases, MagSafe wallets and wireless chargers.

’I was really influenced by the commercials I was seeing, especially fast food commercials,” Vandy said while discussing his brand’s design inspirations with Hypebeast during a July 2021 interview. “They were so different from anything we had in Korea [where he was born and spent his childhood], and would show these big, glossy hamburgers and overflowing buckets of fries. That always stuck with me.’” -Ross Dwyer, Hypebeast

071722 CASETIFY1064.jpg
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