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In celebration of a world-renowned cultural moment for the arts taking place in Miami, FL, Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch Whisky* and 88rising, the pioneering music and arts collective, invited spirits and art collectors the opportunity to impact a limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label designed by Junghoon Vandy Son, known as VANDYTHEPINK. 

Through a first-of-its-kind collaboration with BlockBar, the world’s first direct to consumer NFT marketplace for luxury wine and spirits, and the Web3 consultancy Vayner3 – the NFT holders had the opportunity to take part in a token-gated voting experience, giving holders the ability to inspire VANDYTHEPINK’s final design of the physical bottle. 

With Johnnie Walker Blue Label as his canvas, VANDYTHEPINK created a series of iconographies and colorways in collaboration with Johnnie Walker and 88rising. Taking inspiration from his culture and personal experiences, VANDYTHEPINK focused on thematics of progress, harmony, balance, beauty and quality. He found beautiful synergies in these qualities in the craftsmanship of Johnnie Walker Blue Label and the community built around 88rising to conceptualize the artwork for this bottle release.


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